• Jury deliberating case of ex-trooper accused in crash that killed 2 teens

    By: Christian Jennings


    CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. - The case of a former state trooper charged in the deaths of two teenage girls is now in the hands of a jury. 

    Anthony Scott is accused of causing a crash that killed two teenagers on Highway 27 in Carroll County in 2015. He is charged with two counts of vehicular homicide, among other charges.

    The jury began deliberating around 12:30 p.m. Monday after hearing three full days of testimony last week.

    The jurors had two questions shortly after beginning deliberations. They asked to view the crash data retrieval report again, which shows things such as the trooper’s speed and acceleration in the five seconds leading up to the crash that killed Kylie Lindsey, 17, and 16-year-old Isabella Chinchilla.

    The jury also wanted another look at the dashcam video. The judge allowed both requests.


    During court proceedings Monday, a judge decided not to declare a mistrial after the defense raised questions about the dashcam video.

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    Family members of the teenagers were inside the courthouse to hear the judge's decision on the mistrial.

    Lawyers representing Scott told the judge that prosecutors doctored the dashcam video and he should declare a mistrial.

    "They added the speed limit, which is speculation that's there's calculation on it,” the attorney said.

    Prosecutors played the video during closing arguments and said they only highlighted the posted speed limit sign.

    Scott admitted he was driving fast but didn't know the exact speed. He told the jury he was on his way to meet another trooper, who had his radio.

    The judge sent the jury home around 6:30 p.m. Deliberations will resume Tuesday at 9 a.m.

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