• Jason Heyward sends farewell message to Atlanta


    ATLANTA - Former Braves outfielder Jason Heyward begins his first full day as a St. Louis Cardinal today.

    Heyward, who had played for the Braves since 2010, was traded to the Cardinals as part of a four-player trade.

    On his Twitter account Tuesday Heyward wrote, “Hasn’t even been 24hrs and the fans have made me feel so welcomed.”

    But the Georgia native didn’t leave Atlanta without sending a heartfelt message to his fans.

    Heyward posted the following statement on his Facebook page Tuesday morning:

    Braves fans, coaches, teammates, ‚Ä™#‎BravesCountry‚Ĩ
    While it may not have worked out long term I'm very blessed to have played at HOME for the same Organization I was invested in as kid growing up in McDonough, Ga. Played for The Great Bobby Cox, said farewell to a first ballot Hall Of Famer Chipper Jones after an unbelievable career. I made many great friends and became as close as family with most. Thank you for that. Thank you for applauding my effort and passion for the game of baseball. Thank you for acknowledging my love for rockin The "A" on my work hat. Been a pleasure to have called HOME my workplace. As we part ways know that the memories will be carried with me for the rest. Reaching out to say that I won't forget where I'm from and you'll always see me playing the game I love with passion and heart. Knowing and appreciating the fact I had the pleasure of creating heartfelt memories with so many people the past 5 years. Thank you again for your heart, thank you for the motivation and excitement.

    THANK YOU for the LOVE

    Heyward, a graduate of Henry County High School, started his professional career with the Braves. He started with the minor league teams at just 17 years old and was named starting right-fielder for the Braves four years ago.

    Channel 2’s Zach Klein was one of a few select reporters to talk to Heyward after news of the trade Monday. During the 10-minute call Heyward talked openly about his feelings toward the trade saying, “As far as the situation goes, as far as me being here long term or not, I felt like the fans had more discussions with me than the front office and that’s not a shot that’s just the way it’s been and that’s how much I appreciate the fans so I want to thank them for that.”

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    Heyward was part of a trade to the Cardinals that also included right-handed pitcher Jordan Walden. In return, the Braves acquired right-handed pitcher Shelby Miller and minor-league right-handed pitcher Tyrell Jenkins.

    A source close to the organization told Klein this is just the beginning. The source said “every player is on the table except for the top three pitchers, Freddie and Kimbrel."

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