• Investigators recover stolen guns after home invasion, police chase

    By: Ross Cavitt


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Police are searching in south Cobb County for a pair of dangerous home invaders.

    The two ransacked a Douglasville apartment, assaulted two people inside and stole high-powered weapons.

    Channel 2's Ross Cavitt learned authorities' chance encounter with the duo led to a dramatic police chase.

    Police saturated the neighborhoods off South Gordon Road after the suspected home invaders ditched their getaway car during the chase and ran off.

    "A lot of police cars. They were running up and down the street as soon as it happened," one witness told Cavitt.

    The intensity of the search was ramped up because among the items stolen were two high-powered rifles, including an AR-15.

    "From what we understand through the victim, that's what they wanted, his guns, and in this case, they got his guns," Lt. Bruce Ferguson of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said. "He was bandaged up pretty much; he had a lot of blood."

    Neighbors tell Cavitt the victim was beaten and hog-tied while the two looked for what they wanted.

    "He told me they specifically asked for his rifles, they were looking for his rifles," Ferguson said.

    But while searching the back of the getaway car, investigators found two of the three stolen weapons, including the assault rifle.

    Since gun control talk has heated up in Washington, weapons like the AR-15 have shot up in price, two, three, even four times as much as a few months ago.

    Ammo and clips have been hard to get, making them tempting and dangerous targets for criminals like the home invaders.

    "You don't want the bad guys to have these kind of weapons," Ferguson said.

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