• Investigators continue to look for cause of massive warehouse fire


    EAST POINT, GA - Investigators continue to look for the cause of a massive warehouse fire that filled East Point's sky with smoke.

    The fire started outside the Classic Mattress Factory on Oakleigh Drive Wednesday afternoon, and crews remained at the scene throughout the night.

    Channel 2's Jeff Dore talked with the firefighters who battled the hot spots that flared up overnight.

    The fire was hot enough to melt nearby metal trailers and dense enough to harbor little, smoldering hot spots that burst back into flames hours later.

    This morning, firefighters drenched the last sources of smoke while a big excavator tore apart the charred remains for the water to reach inside.

    The fire broke out around lunchtime Wednesday and had the combustible material on hand to grow very big, very fast. Neighbors could see smoke from most of the metro area. The building also housed a charity, the New Way of Life Ministries.

    "The late owner of the mattress company was also the president of the ministry," said New Way of Life Ministries pastor Shawn Heath.

    Fire investigators from both the Fire Department and insurance company continued their search for what caused the fire this afternoon. People with both operations told Channel 2 the fire was a setback but not a fatal blow to either building.

    "We store a lot of our food here," Heath said.

    Classic Mattresses said it will be back in business next week, but at another location. Atlanta Gas Light Company disconnected the gas supply, and the operators of the ministry, which provides nearly a thousand meals a week, are concerned about the electricity being off.

    "Hopefully everything's still frozen and the power gets back on, and I'll see what can be salvaged, if anything can be salvaged. Just throw it away. And hey, start over," Heath said.

    The battalion chief at the scene at the scene said he believes crews have extinguished the remaining hot spots. They have officially turned the building back to the owner.

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