State looking at reports of more machines 'flipping' votes

ATLANTA — The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office told Channel 2 Action News that it has opened investigations in five counties, including three in the metro area.

The state Democratic Party said individual voters in Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, Baldwin and Bryan counties reported problems with voter machines.

They say they were able to correct the votes.

A spokesperson with the Secretary of State’s Office told Channel 2’s Tom Regan that of the 2 million early votes cast, there are only several isolated cases. They said there’s no evidence of widespread problem.


Even so, it was troubling to one voter who said it happened to her.

"When this happened to me, I though, 'Wow, this is really happening to me,'" Gwendolyn Mitchell-Byrd said.

Mitchell-Byrd said she didn't expect any surprises when she went to the Cobb Civic Center last week for early voting.

"I was voting for Hillary Clinton, and I pressed the button for her and it flipped over to Donald Trump," she said.

Mitchell-Byrd said it didn't happen just once.

"I did it again and it flipped over to Donald Trump two times. On the third try, it stayed with Hillary Clinton," she said.

Mitchell-Byrd told Regan she considered reporting the problem to poll workers, but decided to deal with it later.

"I immediately left the Civic Center and called the voter protection division and reported it," she said.

State officials are urging voters to double-check their choices on the summary screen before finalizing their votes.