• Search under way for credit card thieves using MARTA


    DECATUR, Ga. -  

    Police are trying to determine who keeps stealing credit cards from employees at businesses and using the cards at MARTA transit stations.

    Channel 2's Michael Buczyner spoke to one woman, Sara Castle, who said she was victimized in broad day light. She said someone had charged hundreds of dollars at MARTA.

    "One account hit five times, another three times," Castle said.

    Castle said her bank called and notified her about the activity on her accounts.

    "I got a notification from Bank of America that my account was being pillaged," she said.

    Castle said while working in her Decatur clinical research center someone walked in and took her wallet and credit cards.

    She remembered hearing a bell at the door but didn't think twice.

    "It was right there, right next to me. I was 20 feet away," Castle said. "Just to know that someone was close and I didn't hear them come in. It's still a little unnerving."

    In less than an hour, Castle said the thieves charged close to $800 on just three cards.

    Eight charges for $96 at MARTA.

    "They had my business account, they had my personal account, they had access to absolutely everything," she said.

    Another employee who works at a business in the shopping center reported a similar crime to Decatur police just a day earlier.

    The victim told police someone charged $96 at MARTA on a card and $95 in a department store. The victim told police she left her purse on a chair in her office.

    "Your place of work with so many people around, you don't think something like this would happen," she said.

    In the meantime, police said they will continue to investigate the case.


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    Search under way for credit card thieves using MARTA