• Injured teen speaks out after fall from Stone Mountain

    By: Tony Thomas


    NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. - One of the teens injured in a serious fall from Stone Mountain Tuesday is speaking out about his ordeal.

    Jayson Landress, the most seriously injured of the teens remains at Atlanta Medical Center recovering from his injuries. He is expected to have his broken jaw wired shut on Thursday.

    Sean Garber, who is home recovering, suffered less severe injuries and has quite a story to tell.

    Garber gingerly walks around his Newton County home with the pain lingering from Tuesday's dramatic fall.

    His youth pastor took him, Landress and the pastor's son for a hike along the mountain's base.

    "We were just hanging out, having fun," Garber told Channel 2's Tony Thomas.

    Garber said that's when Landress slipped and fell.

    "All I thought in my mind was, 'I have to save Jason,'" Garber said.

    Soon both teens were sliding uncontrollably and went over a 20-foot ledge.

    "Jason was like a rag doll when he hit the ground," Garber said. "Before I hit the ground, I was like 3 feet before the ground, I saw my feet right there and I just passed out."

    Garber believes since his body was relaxed when he hit bottom, it saved him from critical injuries.

    His pastor called 911.

    "I was over here with a few of my friends and they slipped down part of the mountain and they were hurt," the pastor could be heard saying in 911 recordings.

    News Chopper 2 watched from above as both teens were rescued. Authorities said the group was hiking in a restricted area.

    "We didn't see any signs and we were on a trail and we just kept walking," Garber said.

    Despite hobbling around on a severely sprained ankle and nursing several stitches in his head, Garber said he is glad to be home. He told Thomas he has already talked to his friend by phone.

    "(I) just thank God he's alive," Garber said.

    Stone Mountain Park police told Thomas they will be inspecting that area again, making sure all the signs are in place.

    They are also considering adding more painted warning signs on the rock as well.

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