• Impostor tries to use Clark Howard's name to target "Bert's Big Adventure"

    By: Kerry Kavanaugh


    ATLANTA - An impostor is using consumer adviser Clark Howard's name to try and extort a local charity.

    Channel 2's Kerry Kavanaugh learned the threat targeted the charity that helps sick children.

    Stacey Weiss said the email that threatened her charity was so alarming because it looked legit.

    Weiss runs Bert's Big Adventure, along with her husband, Bert, of Atlanta radio station Q100. Bert's Big Adventure is best known for taking very sick children and their families on an annual dream trip to Disney World.

    The email claimed the non-profit had an exorbitant amount of salary expense and threatened an investigation by the Clark Howard team.

    "My initial thought was something was not right here," Bert said. " We're so meticulous about every cent that we spend, so I thought something just isn't right here. It's not adding up."

    "It looked very legitimate, it looked very scary. It was very threatening. I think anybody could fall for it very easily," Stacey said.

    Not only did the email contain Clark Howard's name, it said it was from WSB-TV and contained an active link to his website.

    "Not only are they pretending to be me, but they are attacking a very wonderful charity," Clark said. "The combination just really tied me up in knots."

    The Weiss' immediately contacted Clark and his team. Clark said he believed the impostor was using his name as an attempt to extort the charity.

    "The first step is to say, 'hey, we are really going to slander your reputation.' And the second step is, 'if you really don't want us to do that, how about some money,'" Clark said.

    Clark said this isn't the first time an impostor has used his name. But in this case, he worries there are more emails like out there.

    "What I'm concerned about is that people would be taken advantage of an in some way lose money to a 'scamster' pretending to be me," Clark said.

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