• Fourth day of deliberations ends with no verdict still in Olsen trial

    By: By Christian Boone and Bill Rankin


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Jurors in the murder trial of Robert “Chip” Olsen remain deadlocked on some of the charges against the former DeKalb County police officer.  

    The judge announced around 4:30 p.m. Thursday that the jury had adjourned for the day. 

    The day started with the jury asking Judge LaTisha Dear Jackson whether the decisions they’ve reached on some of the six counts against Olsen would be invalidated if they couldn’t come to agreements on any of the other charges.

    No, said the judge, before sending them back to the jury room.

    But after roughly 16 hours of deliberations, the 7-woman, 5-man panel may have finally reached a breaking point. Taking Wednesday off -- in recognition of Yom Kippur -- apparently has not brought jurors any closer to a consensus. 

    Presumably they are hung up on at least one of the two felony murder counts. If convicted on just one of those charges, Olsen, 57, faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

    Olsen is charged in the March 2015 shooting of Anthony Hill, a mentally ill Afghanistan war veteran who had stripped naked after skipping his meds.

    Hill, 26, was shot as he approached Olsen, ignoring commands to stop. Hill was unarmed.



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