Carjacking suspect shot at end of bizarre multi-car midtown crash

ATLANTA — Police said there may be more victims of a driver they said crashed into at least eight cars before the wild scene ended in midtown Atlanta.

Officers said a passenger shot the man when he tried to carjack a Porsche.

Channel 2’s Tom Jones spoke to the police about the violent incident.

“It's very bizarre considering all things involved,” said Donald Hannah, with the Atlanta police.

The incident began around 10 a.m. at Piedmont Road and Garson in Buckhead when the suspect, who was in a Hummer, hit a car and then took off. But that wasn’t the only car he allegedly hit.

“There was a total, right now, of eight vehicles involved in these hit-and-runs,” Hannah said.

Police don't know what made the driver hit the cars and run. But officers in Midtown quickly located him near Spring and 16th Street.


Before they could stop him, they said, he jumped out of his Hummer and tried to carjack the Porsche.

“He was able to open the door and engage the driver,” Hannah said. “At that point, the passenger in the Porsche actually shot the suspect in the black Hummer.”

Just as the passenger shot the suspect in the stomach, Atlanta police officers who had been following the Hummer pulled out their Tasers.

“They Tased the suspect at the same time,” Hannah said.

Police are not releasing the name of the suspect. They said he is in the hospital and is conscious and alert.

Officers are still tallying up all the charges he faces.