HOTEL UPDATE: 11 confirmed, 55 probable cases of Legionnaires' disease

Sheraton downtown Atlanta

ATLANTA — Authorities now say there are 11 lab-confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease and 55 probably cases of Legionnaires’ disease related to the outbreak at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel.

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health and the Fulton County Board of Health, there are no reported deaths of hotel guests due to Legionnaires’ disease.

Probable causes are people who had illness consistent with Legionnaires' disease, including pneumonia diagnosed by a clinician or a chest X-ray, but without laboratory confirmation.

The number of probable cases can change based on testing and lab results.

We're working on learning more information about this major update to the story we've been following for weeks. WATCH Channel 2 Action News RIGHT NOW for updates.

The Sheraton Atlanta Hotel remains closed while the investigation continues.