• Hosea Feed the Hungry in need of turkey donations


    ATLANTA - One week before Thanksgiving day and the annual Hosea Feed the Hungry Dinner organization said it's coming up way short.

    One of its major suppliers of turkeys for the entire holiday season pulled out, which means they have 30 percent less to feed more

    Three times a week, families line up, as early as 3 a.m. to get food from Hosea Feed the Hungry.

    "I wish a lot of people come on out and donate," said Afemo Omilami, with Hosea Feed the Hungry.

    Omilami said the news came as a shock. Instead of 1,500 turkeys to feed thousands of the hungry and homeless for their annual Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Martin Luther King dinners -- they have one third less. That's the equivalent of about $15,000.

    "We've been doing this long enough 44 years. And yet, I'm so disappointed. We have more millionaires in Atlanta than most cities could even think of," Omilami said.

    For the first time in a long time, Hosea Feed the Hungry is asking people to bring a turkey to their warehouse on Donnelly Avenue so they can feed as many people as they can on Thanksgiving day.

    "Everybody has to take it up a notch and that's what's not happening we can't do it alone we need help," Omilami said.

    Omilami said he and his staff have faith that the community will step up. Some already have. But they need more because Hosea is feeding more.

    "Somehow we make it. Stretch the way mama used to do. She'd take that meal and you'd get through the week somehow," Omilami said.

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    Hosea Feed the Hungry in need of turkey donations

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