Homeowners on edge after sinkhole opens in Grant Park

ATLANTA — A massive hole is causing concern for first-time homeowners in Grant Park. In a matter of weeks, they went from missing a few bricks in their walkway to having a 10-foot hole.

"We are very concerned about our safety," said homeowner Christina Ambrose.

She and her husband, Thomas, said it started two weeks ago with the onset of the nonstop rain.

“More and more of our pavers fell in and the hole gets larger and wider," Christina Ambrose said.

The Ambroses called their councilwoman and watershed came out to inspect.

"They said, 'Yes, it is caused from the sewer they were able to do some testing,' and they said, 'We’ll be taking care of it this is our responsibility," Christina Ambrose said.


But then they said the city changed course, telling them the sewer was intact.

"It's up to us now to find our own engineer to try to figure out how to solve for this problem. We are not experts. We don’t know how to navigate this," she said.

Meanwhile, the hole continues to expand.

“It’s growing larger and larger and that is also the direction of where the sewer pipe flows," Thomas Ambrose said.

Ambrose said the sewer pipe under his home is part of the city’s easement, yet the city is implying it's on them to fix.

"We really do need the city to take responsibility and take action because we really don’t have the time anymore, basically the next thing are the front steps are going to get affected," Thomas Ambrose said.

Channel 2's Lauren Pozen spoke with District I Councilwoman Carla Smith. She said this is a complicated issue and one she takes very seriously. Smith said she will be asking watershed to come out and take a second look.

The DWM spokesperson sent Channel 2 Action News the following statement:

"The Department of Watershed Management is still investigating the cause of the sink hole."