Homeless student who biked to college gets new car

Teen who biked 50 miles to get to college gets a car

BARNESVILLE, Ga. — The homeless college student who

is now set to receive a car.

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Fred Barley, 19, captured the hearts of people around the country last month when he rode his bike from Conyers to Barnesville to register for classes at Gordon College.

Thousands of people heard his story and chipped in to help him with money, places to stay and a job.

Now he’s getting a new car with the help of a stranger. %



Car dealer Andy Ungaro drove the car down from Philadelphia to give it to Barley.

“I watched his story and looked into it a little bit. It seemed like it was the real deal,” Ungaro said.

Some had

after it went viral.


GoFundMe froze the account where people were donating money.

There is now an agreement in place to set up a trust to ensure that the assets are used to cover education and living expenses.

“When it’s all done I’ll show you guys the whole draft and trust so everybody can see what it states on there themselves,” Barley said.

Barley said he loves the car, but won’t forget that it was his bike that got him to college.