Home healthcare doctors find benefit in telemedicine during coronavirus outbreak

Health care providers are putting their lives as risk daily to provide care as coronavirus spreads.

ATLANTA — Healthcare providers are putting their lives at risk daily to treat coronavirus patients. But teleconference and video chats are now making doctors' jobs a little bit safer.

Dr. Justin Zaghi has been making house calls with Heal.com for four years. The coronavirus outbreak has created more demand for their services.

"We've seen over 200% growth in our Atlanta market," Zaghi said.

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Zaghi said they are now using telemedicine and video chats to interact with more patients, and faster and more safely. The sessions allow doctors to assess if the symptoms are enough to require more medical testing without an in-person visit.

"We can see anywhere between three to four patients via telemedicine per hour and that compares to doing a house call, which takes much longer, " Zaghi said. "If patients do require testing, we will get them the appropriate testing. It may be in collaboration with local health departments."

Zaghi told Channel 2′s Wendy Corona that the coronavirus outbreak makes it important for doctors to be able to see patients swiftly and efficiently.

“I see that telemedicine will be growing significantly, accelerated dramatically by coronavirus,” Zaghi said. “And I really think it’ll be beneficial to patients and doctors alike.”