Here are some very 'Atlanta' things you could do with $1.6 billion

Here are some very 'Atlanta' things you could do with $1.6 billion

Tyler Perry home.

ATLANTA — It's hard to get your mind around $1.6 billion, but if the fates align, some lucky person will end up with a life-altering amount of cash after tonight's Mega Millions drawing.

While we're all eagerly awaiting watching our numbers come up, here are some of the very ATL things you could do with your winnings:

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Build your own Mercedes-Benz stadium ($1.5 billion). Winning team not included: The Falcons are worth nearly $2.5 billion. The Braves would also be slightly out of your budget at $1.625 billion. Good news for basketball fans, though: You can buy the Hawks for 'just' $1.15 billion.

Buy each person in Georgia (10.43 million) 45 Chick Fil-A sandwiches ($3.40 each).

Buy Tyler Perry's Atlanta mansion, which sold in 2016 for $17.5 million -- 91 times.

Stay in the luxury Mandarin Oriental Hotel's penthouse Mandarin Suite ($6090+ per night) for 720 years.

Pay Falcons' quarterback Matt Ryan's salary ($30 million a year) for the next 53 years. Though that right arm may be a bit rusty by 2071.

Buy the nine most expensive homes sold in Atlanta last year and still have over a billion to spare.

Buy at least 3 private Georgia barrier islands: Little Hawkins ($17.8 million), Bell and Cubbage Islands ($10 million) and Eagle Island ($1.9 million)... with a lot leftover for landscaping.

Make eight sequels to Atlanta-filmed 'Black Panther,' which had a monster budget of $200 million. Bonus: You'd also pocket a chunk of the roughly $1.3 billion gross revenue.

We're sure that there are tons more ways to keep those billions right here in Georgia, but it's a start!