Voters strike down new city of Eagles Landing

The potential new city would end up taking a piece of the city of Stockbridge to form Eagles Landing.

STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. — People in Henry County have struck down the vote to create a new city

The creation of the city of Eagles Landing would have taken a massive chunk out of the current city of Stockbridge -- and with it, a large chunk of money.

The proposal for Eagles Landing had been contentious from the beginning with fights that have spanned from Stockbridge to the state Legislature and Supreme Court.

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At the center of the issue are questions of financing and race.

It would be an unprecedented move, an allowance paved by state lawmakers, if Henry County voters decide to greenlight the city of Eagle’s Landing, transitioning it from a country club cluster of neighborhoods to its own municipality, taking a chunk from the city of Stockbridge.

“The taxes I pay we want to put back into the community because we don’t get that back in unincorporated Henry,” said Stockbridge City Attorney Chris Anulewicz. “If it can happen in the city of Stockbridge, it can happen to any city in this state.”

Eagle’s Landing residents say this is a move to get what they pay for. Stockbridge city leaders say the move changes voter racial makeup and makes no financial sense.

In the end, voters struck down the annexation vote nearly 71 percent to 29 percent.