VIDEO: Drive-by shooting leaves metro home riddled with bullet holes

VIDEO: Drive-by shooting leaves metro home riddled with bullet holes

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — "Pow, pow, pow, pow."

Video Channel 2 Action News obtained shows the moment people inside a car opened fire on a house on Brentwood Parkway in Stockbridge. Luckily, no one was injured, but the house was left riddled with bullet holes.

It was seven seconds of at least two dozen gunshots, and neighbors are left wondering why it happened and if it could happen again.

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"I'm just so afraid now it could happen to an innocent bystander," neighbor James Power said. "I'm so concerned and worried."

The retired teacher said he's speaking up because he doesn't want someone to be killed.

"We have a lot of youth in the area. We got a lot of people that walk, young and old," he said.


Almost everyone Channel 2's Matt Johnson talked to in the neighborhood was too afraid of retaliation to comment.

No one in the home had any comment or any explanation as to why they may have been targeted.

A different neighbor said that his home was shot at earlier in the year and he never found out why.

Power said he hopes his typically quiet community can come together to make sure the most recent shooting is the last.

“Go around and maybe talk about maybe getting a watch, a neighborhood watch,” he said.

Johnson checked with Henry County police. So far, they say it's too early in the investigation to know a motive but a detective has been assigned to the case.