No charges for officer who fatally shot man while responding to wrong house

A grand jury decided Thursday not to indict an officer who killed a Henry County homeowner.

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — The grand jury ruled the June shooting of 63-year old David Powell was justified.

Henry County police were responding to 911 calls about a neighbor hearing a woman screaming at a home nearby. The caller stated they had called police before about domestic violence at the home.

The GBI determined the officers went to the wrong home in the 600 block of Swan Lake Road in Stockbridge.

Powell's attorney, Keith Martin, said the victim thought there was a burglar in the yard.

He opened his garage door, and that's when Henry County Sgt. Patrict Snook shot and killed him.

Powell's wife said she never heard police announce themselves.

Martin said he cannot understand how Henry County District Attorney Jim Wright could take the officer-involved shooting death before a grand jury and not call Powell’s wife in to testify.

“Sharon Powell was the only non-law enforcement witness to this whole thing,” Martin said. “Anybody seeking the complete discoverable truth would call her.”

Martin said he thinks the grand jury should have heard her compelling account of what happened that night.