Mom says elementary students stunned son on school bus

The Henry County Sheriff?€™s Office sent Channel 2?€™s Alyssa Hyman the report that confirmed the incident last month.

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News is getting answers for a local mother who says an elementary school student brought a stun gun onto a school bus and shocked her son.

The Henry County Sheriff's Office sent Channel 2's Alyssa Hyman the report that confirmed the incident last month.

Hyman started asking questions about the situation when the boy's mother contacted Channel 2 Action News trying to get some answers from the school district.

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"He’s fearful. He didn't even know what a Taser was until this happened to him,” Sonja Mosely said about her son.

A school district spokesperson confirmed three students were punished because of this.


The report confirms an Ola Elementary student brought the stun gun onto the school bus that day. It also says one student shocked another student on the finger.

Mosley said it was her son that got shocked. He first told his babysitter when he got off the bus.

"When she said Tased. I said, ‘Tased! Tased on the school!’ and I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of her mouth,”

A school district spokesperson told said three students were punished for being involved in the incident but told us it was unclear whether the device was even working properly.

Channel 2 learned the responding deputy turned it on and reported it was working.

“They never notified any of the parents of the students that were on the bus

Mosley said she reached out to us frustrated about how the school handled things.

She told me this is first and foremost a safety issue and she said it should have been taken more seriously.

"A Taser was brought on the school grounds then onto a school bus. The student that tasered him was back in school and within a few days," she said.