Henry County sheriff says shot deputies are improving every day

Henry County sheriff asks community to comfort law enforcement following deadly shooting

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — The Henry County sheriff is giving new insight into the two deputies shot during gunfire that killed a police officer.

Sheriff Keith McBrayer told Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes that he visited both deputies Thursday.

Deputy Michael Corley is home following the incident. Deputy Ralph “Sid” Callaway is still recovering at Atlanta Medical Center, but improving every day, according to McBrayer.

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Locust Grove Officer Chase Maddox was killed providing backup for the deputies at a home on Friday when the suspect opened fire on the men.

The sheriff said Friday was one of the most horrible incidents he's ever experienced

“I feel very responsible. It hurts when you see your guys get hurt,” McBrayer told Fernandes.

McBrayer said a "sovereign citizen" opened fire on two of his deputies.

Thursday morning, McBrayer drove to Atlanta to visit Calloway.

“He’s in good spirits. He actually can get up and walk in the halls a little bit as long as he rolls around with his equipment with him. But he’s in great spirits, improving every day,” McBrayer said.

Calloway was shot just below his bulletproof vest Friday in Locust Grove while serving a warrant.

He had emergency surgery that day and hasn’t been able to eat solid food since.

“They’re just feeding him liquids and stuff through tubes, but he’s doing better,” McBrayer said.

Calloway is hoping doctors will release him from the hospital so he can attend the funeral for Maddox Sunday.

“He wants to do that. It’d mean something to him,” McBrayer told Fernandes.

The other injured deputy, Corley, is recovering at home.

McBrayer said Corley’s biggest obstacle now is getting over the mental scars from the shooting.

“He has tears in his eyes and he’s trying to deal with stuff but he’s still sore, he’s still hurting; he’s got some bruises but very blessed,” McBrayer said.

A Henry County deputy's car is parked in front of Atlanta Medical Center. McBrayer said he will keep a deputy there until Calloway can go home.