Henry County police to add more than a dozen speed cameras in school zones

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Henry County police said they are adding more than a dozen speed cameras to school zones across that county.

The department is also reminding drivers that the cameras are already active outside several of the district’s campuses. Currently, Ola, Stockbridge, Luella, Hampton, and Union Grove schools have active speed cameras.

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Henry County police said anyone caught going more than 10 mph over the speed limit through one of the school zones from one hour before school, throughout the school day and one hour after school ends, will receive a citation in the mail.

Police said cameras will soon be active at the following schools:

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  • Austin Elementary
  • Dutchtown Elementary
  • Eagles Landing Middle & High
  • Fairview Elementary
  • Flippen Elementary
  • Hickory Flat Elementary
  • Luella Middle
  • Mt. Carmel Elementary
  • New Hope Elementary
  • Oakland Elementary
  • Pates Creek Elementary
  • Pleasant Grove Elementary
  • Rocky Creek Elementary
  • Rock Springs Elementary
  • Unity Grove Elementary

If you receive a citation and want to contest it, you can do so by emailing: schoolzonesafety@co.henry.ga.us.

Make sure to provide your name, violation number and a phone number.

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