Henry County

Church leaders hope someone returns stolen van

It's a crime that can easily be called sacrilege after someone stole a transport van from a Henry County church.
The van was stolen from the Lighthouse Community Church in Stockbridge.

When church members showed up Sunday for services, they found a pile of glass in the parking lot. That was all that was left after someone shattered the window on their church van and stole it.

“Look into your heart and if you can return it, return it. And if not, we know God’s going to do what God’s going to do,” church member Jimmy Moore said. “We’re not looking to arrest anybody. We’re not looking to turn you in. We basically want just want the van back,”

Church members told Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon the 15-seat van played a vital role not only for the church but for the community’s children. The church often used it to take children to various church events.


“Trust me, they get a lot of miles on those vans and it kind of broke everybody’s heart that it’s missing,” Moore said.

“They didn’t hurt the church, they hurt the community because we use the van to help the community,” church deacon Terry Brooks told Wilfon.

For now, church members still believe someone will find the van.

With the church’s name plastered across the side of the gray, 2004 Ford, it should be easy to spot.

Until then, with only one van left in their fleet, the church hopes to continue as normal by renting another van to take children to upcoming events. Not even a thief can steal their faith.

“We already forgave you when you took it because we assume that you took it because you needed it,” Moore said.

The Henry County police are also looking for the stolen van, but so far, no luck.