Henry County

700 metro students see 'Black Panther' for free thanks to foundation

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — The buzz over ‘Black Panther' is sweeping across the metro. Much of the record-breaking Marvel blockbuster was shot here in metro Atlanta.

Hundreds of local students were all smiles Tuesday because they watched "Black Panther."

“The movie was very empowering. To show that, even if something comes your way, you can overcome it,” said ninth-grader Mekiaya Jones.

Seven-hundred students all came from school to Movie Tavern in Tucker. They packed every theater in the house to watch "Black Panther."

“He's a superhero. Awesome superhero. I like him,” said fourth-grader Brenan Bullard.

The field trip was funded by donations through the Phoenix Leadership Foundation.

Phoenix Leadership Foundation’s Jay Bailey said a Marvel movie trailer opened his eyes.

“And I saw a black man who was a prince. Son of a king. Wealthy. Intelligent. His country led the world in technology and math and science. I was blown away,” Bailey said.


He wanted local students of all colors to see it.

“They showed a lot of woman empowerment. I like that. There were a lot of women, dominant figures in the movie,” Bailey said.

Much of the film was shot in and around Atlanta, including scenes at the Vulcan Materials Quarry in Stockbridge.

“The fact that the kids are loving the movie, and that we can be involved in such a blockbuster, makes it extra special,” said Carol Landrum of Vulcan Materials..

Spoiler alert: when you see the film, the scene shot out in metro Atlanta looks like the Himalayas and even had a muskox.