'I love God and I love guns': Man urges peeping Tom to not return to family's home

It happened around 5:40 a.m. on Bur Oak Court??in the Kelleytown community.

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Surveillance video shows a stranger pacing back and forth in front of a Henry County house, but it's what he did next that has neighbors concerned.

It happened Wednesday morning around 5:40 a.m. on Bur Oak Court in the Kelleytown community.

A woman caught a man peeping into her neighbors' window.

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There were cars parked in front of the house, but the man in the video didn't appear to be interested in taking anything. He appears to have wanted to take not one, but two looks inside the home while a family was inside.

"He took off running and then I let him know this is not the neighborhood he needed to be in," said Jan Williams, the neighbor who caught him peeping into the window. "We have a great neighborhood. We all look out for one another."

Williams has lived in the community for about three years. She said she has been more cautious after the incident.


It was Ryan Butler's home the stranger targeted.

"He's here to be a pervert to me," Butler said.

The father said he's thankful the window the man chose isn't near the rooms for his children.

"That could be my kids. I got an 11 and a 3-year-old so you're not going to mess with my family," Butler said.

Butler called Henry Country police after Williams told him what happened. They went and patrolled but could not find any suspects.

Butler said he and his neighbors will be ready if the stranger comes back.

"'I love God and I love guns," Butler said. "I'll protect my family in any way I have to."

So far, no one has been able to recognize the person in the video.

He was last seen coming out of a wooded area on surveillance footage and walking back up the neighborhood.