• Help tiny heart transplant survivor get big wish granted


    ATLANTA - A tiny heart transplant survivor has a pretty big request. She wants to sing on stage with popular country music group Lady Antebellum.

    When Mallory Hall was just 9 days old, a virus attacked her heart. After spending more than a month and a half in ICU, she came home. Mallory lived the first two years of her life with dilated cardiomyopathy because of that virus, and in September 2014, she was listed for a heart transplant.

    From that time on, Mallory lived at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta until a heart became available. Channel 2 told her story late last year. 

    Throughout the wait, Mallory and her sister Madison always sang Lady Antebellum’s song “Compass” together. The song never failed to make Mallory smile and brought the family comfort on the tough days.

    The song was their anthem of hope. It even inspired the naming of her heart transplant Facebook page, FollowHerHeart.

    Mallory got her new heart in December 2014, and has been defying odds ever since.

    She’s used to dreaming big, but now Mallory and her sister want to sing “Compass” on stage with the band when they come to Georgia on July 18.

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