• Hartsfield-Jackson to offer pre-check for security

    By: Sophia Choi


    ATLANTA - The rigmarole of standing in long security lines, taking off your shoes and taking out your liquids could be a thing of the past for some travelers now that pre-check is available at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

    "Less time in line, you don't have to take off your shoes, your clothes, your belts off, it's wonderful," said traveler Judy Jordan.

    At a news conference Tuesday, the Transportation Security Administration went through the process, which requires you to give your name, birth date, gender and fingerprints.

    "Then we do three basic checks: criminal history check, a terrorist watch list check and an immigration check. So it is open to U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents," said TSA Administrator John Pistole.

    Pistole admits security breaches are a concern but is confident in the system.

    "It's not much more than what is already in the passenger profile of what the airlines have or what is required by law: name, date of birth and gender. It's just the fact that we have the results of the three record checks that I mentioned," Pistole said.

    The pre-check costs $85 for five years, but many travelers say it's worth it to save time and the hassle.

    You must register for the pre-screening program. You also need to do it on a day you're traveling, because you need to have a boarding pass to get to gate A-19 to register.

    You can also make an appointment by going to TSA.gov.

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