Thieves caught on camera stealing 5 cars from dealership

Thieves caught on camera stealing 5 cars from dealership

HALL COUNTY, Ga. — A car dealership owner says thieves stole five cars from his business Saturday morning.

Amir Hanna owns Atlanta United Motors in Buford.

He said surveillance video shows a group of thieves who broke in and stole the cars around 6 a.m.

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"They came through the back door, but decided to break the window out as they were leaving," he said. "They took them in the middle of the daylight. They didn't care about anything."

Hanna said he was so upset by the theft that he decided to do his own investigation. He said one of the thieves left behind some key evidence.

"One guy actually left his whole wallet. It had, like, $30 in it and different IDs from different people," he said.

Hanna said he gave the wallet to the Hall County sheriff's office.

"We got him on camera. We know who he is and he came back again after 6:00 to look for his license after all this was going on. Pretty stupid," he said.


The owner said he used the information from the wallet to search for the stolen cars himself.

"I drove in the hood, basically, and found the first car," Hanna said.

The Hall County Sheriff's Office sent a statement which said in part,

“The Hall County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division, along with assistance from the Uniform Patrol Division, has been working diligently on this incident since the initial report was filed. This is an ongoing and constantly evolving investigation.  We are pursuing leads with due diligence and thorough examination in order to recover the stolen vehicles and ensure that the offender or offenders are brought to justice with proper investigative techniques.”

Hanna said he will be watching and waiting for the thieves to come back.

"We'll be ready. We'll be here," he said.