Thief rams car into jewelry store, steals dozens of earrings

Crews are busy repairing a jewelry store entrance after police say a man rammed his car through it and stole a bunch of earrings.

HALL COUNTY, Ga. — Police say Jack Hogan rammed his car right into the entrance of Dimo's Fine Jewelry, stole 50 earrings, then took off.

The damage he caused was a lot more than the merchandise he stole, so it was pretty bad.

Police are not releasing the security video, but owner Robert Dimo has seen it.

He tells Channel 2’s Richard Elliot it didn't appear Hogan even really knew what he was doing.

He says he ran around the store knocking down cases, trying to get into the watches, but only managed to get away with 50 earrings.

“To be honest, it looked like I was watching a YouTube video of the world's most dumbest criminal,” Dimo said. “I mean, it was just stupidity, just total stupidity.”

A cab driver alerted police to the crime and they spotted Hogan's car not far away.

After a brief chase, he crashed. Now he's in jail and also a suspect in two other crimes that happened on the same day.

“I don't know how he thought he could get away with it, to be honest,” Dimo said.

Now Dimo is concentrating on getting his store front up again.

He's thankful to Gainesville police and for his customer's support, but he still doesn't understand why the alleged thief did it.

“The guy was really dumb what he did,” Dimo said. “He knew it was going to destroy his car, running it through that wall, but he did it anyway.”

Hogan is in the Hall County jail on burglary and DUI charges.