Teen loses foot in Lake Lanier boating accident

HALL COUNTY, Ga. — A 19-year-old lost a foot in a boating accident at Lake Lanier Saturday, Hall County Sheriff's Office said.

Witnesses watched in horror as emergency teams flew Shane Malloy to the hospital.

Investigators say the victim's friend, William Craven, 19, was arrested for operating the boat while intoxicated.

Around 4:30 p.m., Malloy's foot was severed and the other foot lacerated.

"He was pretty well covered up. I think they had him bandaged up and covered up and keeping him warm," witness Joe Montanaro said.

The Hall County Sheriff's Office says Craven was operating the boat when Malloy fell overboard and was injured by the boat propeller.

"The stuff that can happen is insane and especially with as sharp as the propellers are," witness Megan Ward said.

Ward comes to Lake Lanier often and says she's always looking out for dangerous behavior that could end up hurting others.

"People drinking out here all the time. People aren't really careful so it's definitely something that's a thought," Ward said.

The attorney representing Craven says his client was not drinking any alcohol and is traumatized by what happened. He also says it was his client's quick thinking that prevented an even worse tragedy.