MAJOR RAID: Bags of drugs, 70+ weapons pulled from local home

Bags of drugs, 70 weapons pulled from local home

HALL COUNTY, Ga. — A drug investigation ended up with police confiscating more than 70 weapons and the discovery of an underground bunker in Hall County.

The raid unfolded on a 42-acre property Thursday afternoon.

Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne was with investigators as they uncovered the cache and guns.

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A DEA official told Winne that the weapons were discovered after they issued a search warrant for possible fentanyl on the grounds.


“This is a polydrug organization, which means they deal in multiple kinds of drugs, multi-state, throughout the United States, so a well-organized organization distributing fentanyl, which is responsible for many deaths,” said Chad Cook with the DEA.

The DEA said they recovered 51 rifles and 20 handguns, and other weapons including a suspected machine gun and a weapon similar to a Gatling gun.

Agents also seized at least three silencers and about 50 pounds of marijuana, as well as a large amount of bootleg Xanax, and the raw powder to make more.

“We were here on a drug investigation, a long-term investigation,” Cook said.

Cook said DEA, Roswell police, ATF and the Hall County Sheriff’s Office are all part of the investigation.

“The person that created this obviously has an intent to do harm to others, has the capability, so we’re fortunate nobody was injured, none of our people and no one else,” Cook said.

There is no word on anyone being charged in this investigation.