• 2 firefighters recovering after falling through floor into basement while battling fire

    By: Tom Regan


    HALL COUNTY, Ga. - Two Hall County firefighters are recovering after falling through a floor and into a basement while battling a house fire Sunday night.

    "Obviously we had a very large fire here. We never like to see any of our folks get hurt. We are glad they are doing okay," said Hall County Fire Capt. Zach Brackett.

    Lt. Richie Grimes, 49, and Evan Keyes, 22, were among the firefighters who answered the call for a house fire on Swimming Canoe Trail shortly after the end of the Super Bowl.

    Family members escaped from the house. After the fire was brought under control, the two firefighters starting putting out hotspots on the first floor.


    "While they were working and going across the room, the floor gave way. The first firefighter yelled the floor was giving way. The second one kind of fell, he was along for the ride. They fell around 14-feet into the basement," said Brackett.

    The two firefighters got out of the house through a basement door. Keyes suffered a dislocated shoulder. Firefighters train to handle these types of crisis situations while battling fires in buildings.

    "It could happen at any given moment, on any fire we have," said Brackett.

    The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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