• Hall Co. family wants to know who shot their dog


    GAINESVILLE, Ga. - A metro Atlanta family is upset someone shot their pet Labrador after it got out accidentally.

    Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri talked to the family about the safety concerns they now have.

    The family filed a report with Hall County Sheriff's Office after the shooting.

    They said their 4-year-old Labrador got out one morning and returned home with buckshot in her hip and hind leg. They want to know why someone shot their pet and who would shoot in a neighborhood full of families.

    "I just want to ask them why? Why would you shoot her? Why would you shoot my dog?" owner Holly Redeker told Viteri.

    Redeker describes her family's pet Labradors, all three of them, as their babies. Their black lab named Macey is recovering from gunshot wounds and the infection they left behind.

    "They noticed the hole exactly where the bullet went in and she was punctured six times," Redeker said.

    The morning of April 5, the dog spotted a rabbit and took off running down the shoreline behind their Gainesville home which sits on Lake Lanier.

    Macey wears an electric fence collar but Redeker said there is a weak spot in the fence behind the home and that is where the dog got out.

    Redeker tried unsuccessfully to find Macey, who came home a few hours later.

    Because of her dark fur, the family didn't initially see Macey's wounds. They did notice she became withdrawn and even stopped eating. Then they found pellets after giving her a bath.

    "She was hurting and I didn't know it," Redeker said.

    The family took her to the vet who confirmed Macey was shot. The wounds were infected, but didn't need surgery.

    Redeker doesn't know why someone would shoot at the dog who was wearing collars both for the electric fence and her ID tag.

    She's also concerned someone would fire a gun in an area filled with children.

    "She definitely was shot and it wasn't an accident," Redeker said. "There's just no reason to go and get a shotgun out and be shooting with houses all around in a residential neighborhood."

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