Gwinnett man’s life saved by three quick responding co-workers

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Calvin Cornelius was working in the Gwinnett County Schools bus facility when he suffered a medical emergency. Martin Piedra, an observant co-worker, noticed Cornelius fall while working. Piedra immediately called for help from two other nearby coworkers to help Cornelius.

The men first yelled to Cornelius to get his attention. The trio was not getting any response from their unconscious co-worker. Two of them started CPR while the third called 911 for assistance. “Maybe 30 seconds or more, felt like an hour. Come on, take that breath. Take that breath,” said Piedra as the group worked. The men continued CPR while waiting for medics to arrive.


Doctors later said Cornelius went into sudden cardiac arrest. Cornelius and his doctors credit the trio with saving the 50 year old man’s life.

Cornelius was well enough to attend an award presentation today that honored the men who played a large part in saving his life.