• Gwinnett student recovering from beating that required plastic surgery


    LILBURN, Ga. - A Gwinnett County high school student is recovering at home after an attack at school sent him to the hospital.
    Daniel Egan said his son is getting Facebook threats after a brutal beating in a locker room at Parkview High School. His son, David Egan, had to get reconstructive surgery on his face because of the beating.
    David Egan said this was not a fight, he was sucker punched and cellphone video proves that.
    The video shows a student punching David Egan, 16, in the face and throwing him into a locker. He was hospitalized for four days.
    “The swelling has gone down a lot since the hospital, since I’ve iced it a lot, since I’ve been taking good care of it,” David Egan said.
    Daniel Egan said the incident may be over, but there is not enough distance between his son and the school.
    “He’s gotten some nasty Facebook messages, which we’re ignoring,” Daniel Egan said.
    “I never talked to the kid before, like, ever. I didn’t even know what he was asking me about when he first came up to me,” David Egan said.
    The Egans said the other student threw punches over shoes.
    “I think it just lends itself to show there is a thug mentality that has snuck its way into school,” Daniel Egan said.
    The sophomore said the discoloration caused by bruising will go away in a week or two. 
    “I’m really lucky that he just hit me a little lower, because it it was any higher and caught me in my eye and it maybe would have popped my eye or something worse, I would have lost vision,” David Egan said.
    David Egan said he now knows he won’t be graduating from Parkview.
    “You can’t stay on it or else it’s going to keep you in the past. You just need to move forward and get on with your life,” David Egan said.
    School police filed juvenile charges of aggravated battery against the attacker.

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