Gwinnett County

WARNING: Neighbors say drone flying too close for comfort

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Police in Snellville are looking into several reports that someone is using a drone to peek through windows and spy on people.

Vicki Huff told Channel 2's Audrey Washington that the drone flew right outside her window several times in one night.

“The drone’s back!” she said. “It was a little unnerving, I’ll tell you.”

According to Huff, the drone that flew outside her home was relentless. She says it peeked through her garage and through several other windows.


Police say they’ve received several complaints about the spying drone from neighbors at The Summit Place subdivision.

“It flew across the yard and up to the second story and tried to peer into one of my bedroom windows,” Huff said. “It left the bedroom window, went back across the front yard and hovered into my neighbor’s bushes with the camera.”

Huff says each time she tried to snap a picture of the drone, it took off.

“This is not going to be tolerated and it will be stopped. We’re all just kind of on the lookout for it,” she said.

Markese Murry lives a few doors down and said if he spots the drone near his home, he’ll take it down himself.

“If I find a way to knock it down, yeah I would,” Murry said. “It doesn’t belong around my neighborhood on my private property.”

Snellville Police say flying a drone onto private property, at window level, could violate some state laws.