Video shows customer throwing punches over price of hair weave

Price of hair weave leads to fight at beauty store, police say

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Police are looking for a customer they said attacked a store employee because she was upset over the price of a weave.

Surveillance video showed the customer going on the attack, throwing merchandise and punches in the Duluth store.

<p>Customers fighting with store owner over price of hair weave, police say</p>

Customers fighting with store owner over price of hair weave, police say

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Venus beauty supply workers said the Wednesday night confrontation began after customer Melissa Roper and her daughter didn't like the price of a weave, and the lack of customer service they apparently wanted.

Roper threw the product at the employee, then the employee threw it right back.

"She threw it at me and said, 'that's fine, I'm not going to come back here anymore,'" the store owner told Channel 2's Tony Thomas.

The clerk then followed the mother-daughter duo, and that's when things turned violent. The video showed the customer throwing two punches before walking out.

“She needs to be found for that because that's not right,” said customer Serena Robinson. “You getting mad about the price of a weave that you picked up, I have no words for that.”


Workers said the angry customer also threatened more violence.

“I tried to stop her, she said, ‘stop doing it, I don’t want to hurt you, I don't want to bring my gun,’ she said,” the store owner’s husband said.

As Duluth police investigated they spotted something – the woman’s cellphone was left behind in the fight.

Detectives said they used it to track Roper down. She’s facing charges of battery, but police haven't found her yet.