Thieves steal van from Lilburn church, police say

Channel 2's Christian Jennings reports.

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Police are searching for thieves they say stole a van from a local church.

Video captured four men wearing hoodies breaking into a van overnight at the Calvary Baptist Church in Lilburn.

The pastor, Brandon Dobson, showed us surveillance video on his phone. It shows four men pulling up in the middle of the night and stealing one of the church vans.

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"It seemed like they had done it before," he said. "We use it on Sunday morning, mostly to pick up the neighborhood kids whose parents have agree to allow them to come and worship at our church."


The crime went down around 2:40 Sunday morning. It took the thieves about 10 minutes to break into the van, figure out a way to get it to start, remove the seats, then drive away.

"I’m sure they kinda profiled the place before they showed up. They knew our vans were here," Dobson said.

Dobson said the whole thing is more of an inconveniece than anything. He said he’s already forgiven the people in this video.

"It’s just a reminder there is great need in our area and great opportunity, so we just want to continue to love our community well, the way Christ first loved us," Dobson said.