Teens caught on camera breaking into cars in Gwinnett subdivision

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Neighbors in Loganville are growing more concerned after a group of teenagers was caught on video breaking into several people's cars over the weekend.

More than a dozen residents of the Grayson Manor subdivision met with Channel 2's Alyssa Hyman on Monday night. One of them gave her home surveillance video, showing what appears to be four teenagers with backpacks and hoodies.

"I woke up Saturday morning, got in my car and noticed debris everywhere," George Hampton said. "I check my Ring and I saw this kid coming up to my car. He gets in my car. He was in my car for, like, six minutes."

Fortunately for Hampton, nothing was stolen.


Another video shows the teens pull the handle of a car at another home before realizing it's locked.

"Parents should be more aware of what their children are doing," said Adnan, a neighbor in the area.

Adnan works in Rockdale County. He said all the recent crimes in his neighborhood have him thinking about the three teens who were shot and killed in Rockdale County last week while allegedly trying to rob three people at a home off White Oak Court, and he doesn't want something like that happening in Loganville.

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"They can easily get killed over $20 inside of a glove box," he said. "It would just be sad for the parents, for the community to see another teenager get killed for literally nothing."

Gwinnett County police said they received several calls over the weekend but couldn't say exactly how many.