Teen says she was robbed, run over trying to buy sneakers

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A Loganville teen says she trusted someone she knew to sell her shoes, but the online agreement turned into a robbery, and three men were behind it.
A 16-year-old told Channel 2's Nicole Carr she cut a deal with someone she knew from a party, a 17-year-old girl, and that deal was made on the website Offer Up.
"Originally, she wanted $180, but I talked her down to $140," the victim said.
She says the girl agreed to meet in the victim's neighborhood last Tuesday around 8 p.m.
A quick exchange cash for a pair of Jordan 6 should be easy enough, but a when a white Dodge Charger crept up with what appeared to be an adults inside and made a U-turn, red flags went off for the victim.
"So I knew that she wasn't in the car, and it was dudes," the victim said.
"She set it up, and they robbed her and did some things that could have cost her her life," mother Betty Murray said.
The victim and her mother said three men, possibly one teen among them, were in that car. Two of them snatched the teen's cash, and she and her dog were run over as the trio pulled off.
"It's just tragic, and I just thank God that she's here," Murray said.
The victim's mother says the whole incident has sparked one serious conversation about trust,
online transactions and social media.
"If you want to trade or sell or buy shoes, do it in the police station," Murray said. "Nobody's going to rob you in the police station."
Meanwhile the victim's mother says she has taken key evidence of the transaction to Gwinnett County police in hopes that they can get the 17-year-old girl to reveal who was in that car.