Gwinnett County

Teen reads emotional statement to man who held her against her will for year

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A brave teenager spoke in court Thursday about the man who held her against her will for more than a year.

Channel 2's Lauren Pozen was in the Gwinnett County courthouse where the suspect pleaded guilty but will not serve anymore jail time.

But before the judge accepted that plea, there was testimony from the victim and her family.

This victim, Hailey Burns, had the courage to speak.

Her parents were just as emotional, but one person notably not emotional was the defendant.

Michael Wysolovski walked into court next to his attorney Thursday afternoon to change his plea to guilty.

The judge accepted it and ruled Wysolovski will serve 10 years on probation and also gave him credit, 8 months, for time served in confinement while he was in jail.


But before accepting the plea, the court heard testimony from Burns and her parents.

“The second I left my home my life was ruined,” Burns said.

The North Carolina teen said she met him online and disappeared from her parents’ home in Charlotte in 2016.

She told the court she was held captive at Wysolvoski's Duluth home for an entire year.

“He lowered my self-esteem greatly and left me to believe I would never be loved or have a proper life if I gained weight,” Burns said.

Burns said he tortured her, made her do sexual things for food.

“I severely mutilated myself hoping I would become unlovable so no one would hurt me like he did. I am deformed,” Burns said.

Her father, Tony Burns told the judge every time he would hear of a dead body, he feared it was his Hailey.

“You are the boogie man all parents warn their kids about,” Tony Burns said

Hailey's mom added that Wysolovski doesn't seem sorry for his actions.

“You are not a monster, but you are a pitiful man who will now learn that actions have consequences,” Hailey Burns’ mother said.

The prosecutor told Pozen after the hearing that the Burns family is satisfied but not completely happy. He said they would have preferred Wysolovsk be behind bars.