Police ID woman run over, killed at gas station; search for driver underway

Police are looking for a driver who ran over a woman during a fight and took off.

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Police have identified the driver wanted in connection with a hit-and-run that left a woman dead.

The hit-and-run happened in a gas station parking lot on Pleasant Hill Road in Gwinnett County.

Police said 27-year-old Anita Mustafi is the woman who backed up her SUV in the BP parking lot and ran over 50-year-old Melissa Wheeler.

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The situation unfolded after Wheeler and another woman got into an altercation with Mustafi, and police said they tried to block her from leaving.

Channel 2's Tom Jones spoke with a customer who came out of the store and saw the aftermath.

"I was right over here, like right by the pump when they were resuscitating her," Tony Vendez said.

Vendez said it was a frantic scene.


"She just fell, and people came to her and the ambulance and everybody came and next thing you know, all the trucks came and took her away," Vendez said.

Gwinnett County police are now searching for Mustafi in connection with the death. Officers said surveillance video shows Wheeler and another woman getting into a verbal altercation with Mustafi at the gas pumps.

"What was exactly said is unknown at this time," said Ashley Wilson with the Gwinnett County Police Department.

Officers said the women opened Mustafi's car door and a physical altercation began.

Mustafi backed up and police said Wheeler was hit by the car door and was run over. The suspect left the scene.

Officers initially didn't know her identity -- then they got a break.

"A Lawrenceville police officer was able to identify our suspect," Wilson said.

Police went to Mustafi's home, but she was not home. Officers said they located her 2009 Kia Sportage SUV that was used during the hit-and-run.

People have posted on social media that Mustafi had a right to leave after she was attacked, but police disagree.

"If you're in an accident, even if you believe its self defense, you still have a duty and responsibility to call the police," Wilson said.

Police said they have spoken to the friend who was with Wheeler and plan to charge Mustafi with felony hit-and-run.

They are getting a warrant to search her car for evidence.

Officers are asking anyone with information about Mustafi or this case to give them a call.