Gwinnett County

Charges upgraded to murder for man accused in deadly Walmart parking lot shooting

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Prosecutors have upgraded the charges against the man who, they said, opened fire outside a Walmart in Gwinnett County.

On Friday, Channel 2's Tony Thomas spoke with the Gwinnett County district attorney, who told him that the man's girlfriend could also face charges.

Detectives said an argument between Troy Hunte and his girlfriend led to the shooting.

“It appears she is going to be charged,” Detective Jeff Manley, with the Snellville Police Department, said.

Authorities said that, as they looked at surveillance video of the confrontation on Sunday afternoon, they realized that the victim, Fadil Delkic, actually drove away from the scene, and they don't believe he did anything to provoke the attack, as they had first thought.

“It now appears he moved the car from where the initial confrontation was and pulled it around and parked it, and the defendant’s girlfriend went over to him, to the car,” Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter told Thomas.


Porter said Hunte was talking on his phone as he pulled out a gun and shot Delkic, just after his girlfriend had slapped Delkic, accusing him of pulling his car too close to her family.

“Everybody started running, holding their head. The whole store was upside-down,” a witness told Thomas after the shooting.

Thomas contacted Hunte’s girlfriend by phone earlier in the week.

She told him she wanted to wait to talk to an attorney before speaking publicly.

“We are doing some legal research on: If she provoked the conflict, does she then become a party to the crime?” Porter said.

Friends and family of the victim held a memorial service Friday afternoon before the family heads to Bosnia to bury Delkic in his homeland.

A fundraising effort for his wife has raised more than $36,000 so far.