Man continues to recover after severe dog attack

Man continues to recover after severe dog attack

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — For the first time, we’re hearing from a Chinese immigrant who says he loves Americans after complete strangers tried to save him from a dog attack.

On Monday afternoon, two loose pit bulls attacked three people along Five Forks Trickum Road in Lawrenceville.

Zhongkai Mao was severely injured and continues to recover at Grady Memorial Hospital.

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Channel 2's Lauren Pozen met with Mao and his family at the hospital Friday night.

Mao told Pozen that he is still in a lot of pain after the dogs attacked him and two others Monday while he was walking home from a nearby park.

“Suddenly, two huge dogs jumped on him and started biting all over on him,” Mao’s daughter Xiaohong Davis said, interpreting for her father.

Mao said the dogs didn’t let up on his body.


“The dog (took) big bites (in) the back of his head by his right ear,” Davis said.

Mao also has bites on both his arms. His left leg was so badly bitten, doctors may have to amputate it.

“If there is infection, the surgeons said they will still have to cut that piece off. Cut below the knee,” Davis said.

Mao told Pozen that some drivers who saw him being attacked stopped and tried to help. He just immigrated from China to America in February and said he was taken aback by the kindness of Americans.

“Even though the dogs biting him crazy and even though he was in huge pain, he was so moved. He had so many cars stop and especially that first lady jump off the car and beating the dogs. (They) save my father's life,” Davis said.

Authorities told Pozen that the dogs were put down. Next week, their owner is expected be in court over a criminal complaint filed against her.