Gwinnett County

Man accused of killing co-worker after eating lunch with him

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A man accused of shooting and killing a co-worker after eating lunch with him faced a judge for a preliminary hearing Thursday morning.

Jerome Daniel Colvin, 34, is accused of killing Allen Craig Willard Jr., 25, on Nov. 21 in Buford. The men had been eating lunch at Rico's World Kitchen shortly before Colvin shot Willard, police said.

Colvin then tried to shoot another co-worker with whom he had also just had lunch, but the gun didn't go off, police said.

Channel 2's Audrey Washington was in court when Colvin appeared. Statements by the lead prosecutor about bizarre things Colvin said after the shooting left Willard's family in tears.

Detective Michael Pope said Colvin talked about "circles" and the "stars aligning."

"There were things about circles and talking about stars aligning, and it was pretty much stuff like that," Pope said. "Stuff that would not make sense to you or I.”

Police said Colvin shot Willard in the back of the head as they walked out of the restaurant.


Pope said he then turned the gun on the other man he had lunch with but the gun malfunctioned.

Police believe Willard was the main target.

"Mr. Colvin admitted to shooting (Willard) and said it was all a part of his plan," Pope said.

After the shooting, Pope said Colvin ran over to a patrol officer with his hands up.

“I’m the one who shot the guy in the head," Colvin reportedly said.

When police questioned him about the shooting and his motive, Colvin only talked about his ultimate plan and how it involved his own ideas about Willard's towing business. He then went back to talking about circles and stars aligning.

During the hearing, Willard's family shook and wept openly. They declined to comment.

Colvin, who didn't speak during the hearing, was sent back to jail.

Colvin is charged with felony murder, malice murder and aggravated assault. He is being held in the Gwinnett County Jail.