Gwinnett County

Local YMCA shuts down pool after visitors were infected with bacteria

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A local YMCA shut down its pool after visitors reported being infected with a bacteria that leads to Legionnaires' disease, a rare type of pneumonia.

Officials told Channel 2's Matt Johnson they've taken voluntary precautions.

People can get the disease by breathing in small drops of water that contain the bacteria legionella.


In a statement, the YMCA said.

There are currently no environmental samples showing this bacteria present in our facility.

Micah Mixie told Johnson he's encouraged by how the YMCA hired an outside company to purify the water Thursday.

"I'm glad they're just trying to fix it because I don't want anyone having any sickness or any problems from it so it's good they're handling it the right way," he said.

It's unknown how many visitors reported health problems.