Buford schools superintendent recorded in racist rant, lawsuit says

BUFORD, Ga. — A metro school board is raising questions about the authenticity of an explosive audio recording that purportedly is the voice of the superintendent screaming racial slurs and making threats.

The recording is part of a discrimination lawsuit filed against Buford City Schools.

Our investigative partners at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution got hold of his lawsuit. The recording is part of the evidence to show discrimination against a veteran employee who was fired.

“Ms.(Mary) Ingram was very beloved in the teaching community and by children as well,” attorney Ed Buckley said about his client.

Buckley told Channel 2's Tom Regan that his client wasn't held in such high esteem by Buford City Schools Superintendent Geye Hamby after she openly challenged an administrative decision with the support of others in the black community.


“Mr. Hamby took great umbrage at her speaking out at a public meeting,” Buckley said.

The attorney claims that ultimately led to retaliation against the veteran teaching assistant and her firing.

“Her First Amendments were violated. Her rights to association with African-American people were violated,” Buckley said.

Ingram’s racial discrimination lawsuit against the superintendent and others includes an audio recording of what the lawyer says is Hamby using the n-word and making threats as a man rants about African-American temporary workers at a construction site.

“He said he worked for the temp service and he didn’t have to do what the (expletive) we tell him to do,” the person identified as Hamby said in the recordings. “(Expletive) that (n-word). I’ll kill these (expletive) — shoot that (expletive) if they let me. Alright. Well, check out what’s going on with all the (n-word) down there.”

“This recording was sent anonymously to Ms. Ingram. We have had it analyzed are prepared to demonstrate that at the appropriate time. We are also confident there will be other witnesses who will identify it as Mr. Hamby's voice,” Buckley said.

Parent Tanya Hays said she used to work for Hamby and said the allegations made against him are hard to believe.

"He's always at the football games greeting all of the kids, no matter what race," Hays said.

Regan contacted Hamby for a response to this story. He sent Regan a statement, saying:

“This is a personal and legal matter pertaining to a disgruntled employee. District counsel has advised me not to comment."