Police investigating if body found in lake is missing UGA grad

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Investigators were back out at a Gwinnett County lake Thursday, a day after a man's body was found floating in the water.

Gwinnett County police told Channel 2 Action News the body found "on the surface" could be that of missing 25-year-old UGA graduate Alvin Ahmed.

Channel 2's Tom Regan was on the scene as dive teams combed the water.

Neighbors reported seeing a body in Lake Carlton on Wednesday night.

Denise Ballero was on her daily power walk when she said she suspected something out of the ordinary on the lake.

"I couldn't really identify it. I know there was nothing there before. I'm a geologist, so I'm thinking it was a storm drain exposed," Ballero said. "I was very shocked."

The Medical Examiner performed an autopsy Thursday afternoon. However, Gwinnett County Police Department said the person will not be identified until further tests are completed.

Ahmed was last seen leaving the Publix in Loganville around 9:10 p.m. Monday. Video shows the man making it out to his car before vanishing.

Lake Carlton is about a mile from the shopping center.


Police found his white jacket and groceries in the back of his car and the glove compartment open.

On Wednesday, Ahmed's brother and sister handed out fliers to shoppers, asking for help locating their loved one.

'When my mom told me he didn't come home, we thought he went out or something. That was not the case," said Ahmed's sister, Kathy. "It's like a scene from a movie. We tried to track his iPhone watch. It's been all shut down."

Ahmed's brother said it was out of character for the 25-year-old to not return home after work. He said he believes Ahmed had been kidnapped.

Alison Cuzman told Channel 2 Action News she saw Ahmed on many of her stops into the pharmacy. She knew that he would soon become a full-time pharmacist.

"It's sad. I feel for the family losing a loved one, missing or not. It's just heartbreaking," Cuzman said.

Gwinnett County resident Veronica Samuels said she is also deeply saddened.

"He's very young. I don't know why. I don't know what happened," Samuels said. 'I can't imagine what the families are going through."

Investigators are working to pinpoint where the person got into the water and how.

“We have a male that appears to have been in the water for at least a day or two. (He) meets the general description of a missing person in the area, but we can’t confirm that, can’t confirm any injuries,” Gwinnett County Police Maj. JT McDowell said.