• Icy roads still a danger in many counties after a refreeze overnight

    By: Severe Weather Team 2 , Steve Gehlbach


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Ice has caused several school districts to cancel classes for a third day.
    Some schools had a delayed start to give ice more time to melt before buses hit the streets.
    Channel 2's Steve Gehlbach was in the state's largest district – which will have class Friday. 

    Gwinnett County decided to start two hours late, which meant buses weren't on the road until after sunrise. The district told Channel 2 Action News it wants to allow more time to help melt ice. 



    Bethany Church Road, in front of Shiloh High School, has been barricaded. The elementary school and middle school are next door. 

    Instead of starting late, other districts, like Atlanta and DeKalb, decided to keep kids home again.





    Even as the snow melts, icy roads remain on many streets and secondary roads.

    "I live in an area that has a lot of shade and definitely in that area there's a lot of icy patches,” driver Angel Gonzalez said. 

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    Early Corley, a father of a DeKalb County student, said the district made the right call to close Friday.  

    "The neighborhoods are iced over. So, they should be out. We don't need buses sliding back and forth and kids being hurt," Corley said. 

    DeKalb County police told Gehlbach hazardous conditions can still be found in isolated patches as they re-froze overnight.


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