• Driver seen on video being hit, kicked by officers: 'I'm traumatized'

    By: Steve Gehlbach


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Three days after he says he was attacked by two former Gwinnett County officers during a traffic stop, Demetreius Hollins, 21, still wears the scars on his nose and lips.

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    At a news conference Saturday with his attorneys and backed by family, he says he's still shocked.

    "I'm traumatized that this happened to me,” Hollins said.

    Cellphone video captured former Gwinnett County Officer Robert McDonald stomping on Hollins' head moments after 19-year veteran Sgt. Michael Bongiavonni was captured on a different video appearing to punch Hollins.

    Now, the officers have been fired and could face criminal charges.  

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    Hollins says he recognized Bongiovanni from a stop last summer where he says the officer choked and punched him in the face.

    Attorney Justin Miller alleges the Gwinnett County Police Department knew of prior bad conduct by the officers and did nothing.

    Records show Bongiovanni had been cleared of at least 67 use of force incidents over his years at the department. 

    “We think they knew,” Miller said. “Being cleared doesn't mean you don't know this guy is involved in all these incidents. We think they knew and we want to find out."           

    Miller wants the sergeant's entire unit investigated and says other potential victims have already contacted him.

    "Since this attack, my life has changed overnight. I'm more afraid, less trusting, and concerned at any time this could happen again,” Hollins said.

    All charges against Hollins have been dropped.


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